Meet The ZeroSound Team

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President & Co-Founder

Norm Bogner co-founded ZeroSound with Ray Sobol in Calgary, Alberta, in April of 2018. After rigorous testing with a select team of engineers and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), ZeroSound invented a revolutionary technology to address global noise problems. He spent over 15 years as a senior executive, holding various leadership positions in global consultancies and innovative organizations across multiple industry verticals.


Norm brings 26 years of experience centred on business expansion and supporting technologies required for growth. This includes senior roles in the IT Strategy practices for both Deloitte and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young in Europe, as Partner and international expansion lead for a disruptive data and fuel management platform and as President of ATCO’s New Ventures & Commercialization group. Having worked with start-ups to multinational organizations in 14 countries, Norm’s expertise targets the conceptualization and implementation of corporate growth strategies in innovative and rapidly developing environments.


He is thrilled to continue to work with investors & entrepreneurs to bring ZeroSound’s technology to global commercial, consumer and industrial markets.


Co-Founder &

Chief Technology Officer

Ray Sobol is the co-founder and technology developer for ZeroSound. He first came up with the concept after growing tired of loud motorcycles roaring down the Naramata highway in British Columbia late at night. He knew there had to be a better way to get a good night’s sleep, while motorcyclists enjoy the winding highway. Sobol has worked with tech & science-based private and public companies globally for over 30 years, assisted in IPOs of three companies, in the private sale of four companies, and has developed tech-based US patents.


Among other accomplishments, Ray led an international team and closed a +$100m project sale to a Middle East country, and has participated as founder, advisor and/or investor in dozens of tech or science-based companies in the United States, Canada and globally. Ray serves on 1 advisor board and 1 charity board.


Executive VP &
Worldwide Sales and Licensing

Chad Sartison is the VP of sales & licensing for ZeroSound and brings over 25 years of experience in fire service & technology industries. After spending years as a firefighter, he is now the Captain of the foothills fire department and brings an incredible passion for the wellbeing of first responders. Sartison has consulted on a number of national fire service boards & taskforces, and spent 6 years founding a tech company in Europe that created solutions for large multinational companies. By combining his passion for the fire service industry with his technical knowledge, Sartison brings a unique & authentic perspective to the ZeroSound team.


Chief Operations Officer

Tina Mathas is a globally recognized builder with 25 years of progressive experience as an executive leader, innovator and entrepreneur with a focus on improving and delivering on business and human performance. Tina’s greatest passion is working with the fortune 500 companies of the future and scaling them in Alberta. Tina is a pioneer of the 2nd Renaissance in this 4th Industrial Revolution era. She is smart, influential and her business acumen and diverse tech industry background are key ingredients to her success.  Her depth and breadth range from working with corporate multinationals to start-ups across the globe. Working on wicked problems and developing and executing innovative business models are her sweet spots.

Tina believes in constantly pushing herself to the edge of discomfort, always learning and growing. She is a certified Chef, writer, musician and outdoor enthusiast who speaks 3 languages.  Tina calls Calgary, Alberta, Canada, home. An avid hockey fan, single mom and co-parent of a brilliant, funny, talented, beautiful young man and a Basset hound named LeRoy. 



ZeroSound Systems Inc.

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Calgary, Alberta

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